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On top of that, the digital world we live in contains plenty of text that's not always easy to process, compounding the problem. In order to solve these comprehension and retention problems and to just generally boost your ability to speed read, there are a few worthwhile programs available. Spreeder CX , 7 Speed Reading EX , and Vocab1 are some of the top options when it comes to this type of training, but they're generally quite expensive. Right now, however, iMore Digital Offers has a deal on a bundle of the two programs. It's designed to eliminate your bad reading habits and lets you track and view your progress over time.

Lastly, you get Spreeder CX , an rapid serial visual presentation RSVP e-book reader that reduces your eye movement by feeding digital text at you at variable speeds. You'll be able to upload your own personal cloud library and add your own PDFs, ebooks and other documents. If you'd like to boost your reading and comprehension skills that have taken a blow in our digital world, or if you'd like a program that can help digest digital text while at the same time reducing eye strain, this bundle is for you. See at iMore Digital Offers. What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station?

It is a feature other apps do not provide by default. The format of lists as per standard in speed reading apps includes Pocket, Instapaper and Readability. ReadQuick is a useful app that is able to support a wide range of formats and languages to help you break down your daily reading into comprehensible chunks.

Overview — While other speed reading apps may help you process digital information faster, this app will solely focus on teaching you proven techniques to become a faster reader on your own. You can apply those skills to non-fiction and fiction material either on print or digital media. At the core, you will find expert videos from industry leading teachers as well as exercises, games and tests to practice and apply your knowledge.

The general goal is to triple your reading speed.

2. Iris Speed Reading Course

Accessibility — One thing to consider is that it is not available as a native mobile app, however, it is accessible via a browser app on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Vivaldi or Internet Explorer. Since everything is stored in the cloud, you can learn from everywhere and also install the app on any desktop or laptop.

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All major operating systems will be supported, e. Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux. Verdict — 7SR is one of the most comprehensive and best speed reading apps to teach yourself effective reading skills. It is designed for those who need to prepare for school and college exams or have lots of things to read to achieve their own study, career or learning goals. Availability: All browsers.

Stepware is the developer behind the popular AceReader tutor, which is available as a cloud version including support for iOS and Android devices. This app is quite different from other speed reading apps on the market as users get access to scientifically proven techniques and exercises.

Reading Reimagined

The focus is definitely on learning how to speed read. Tracking — Compared to many other apps, you will able to track your speed, activities and progress. The stats will be presented visually so you always know your current speed and comprehension rate. You can also set goals and the app will show you where you stand within each module. AceReader is one of those cloud-based speed reading apps.

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It stands out from the crowd as it is a comprehensive trainer developed for mobile platforms. Includes drill exercises and basic games. Availability: Desktop and Tablets. Mac, Windows, All browsers. Speed reading apps like this one do not have a very recognizable brand name but it is certainly a winner with more than , installs on the Android platform. Similar to many other apps, the main goal is to increase speed without committing to complex training programs. The latter will highlight words and numbers so readers can memorize them effectively.

10 Best Speed Reading Software For

Furthermore, the app allows for expanding your eye vision to process more information simultaneously. Outcome — Using the app will allow you to reduce the time needed for non-fiction material. You should also see an improved memory, attention span and increased vocabulary with the help of exercises or simulators Schulte Table. The app will also let you find those text passages within a larger text that are important. Additional info — The Speed Reading app requires Android 4.

It is suitable for all ages. Supported formats are fb2, ePub and txt.

Best Speed Reading Apps

How does it help? Whereas other speed reading apps listed in this review focus upon a wide range and format of texts available, QuickReader view in store turns its attention solely to books within your collection. Or rather the various books the app can add to your collection. Whilst QuickReader is compatible with publications you currently own, the app also provides you with access to over 9, titles, from contemporary classics to self-help guides and more. The app is currently compatible with both the iPad and iPhone in various generations. Questions have been raised over the legibility of the app for dyslexic users in particular, with a lack of appropriate fonts offered by the developer Inkstone.

Furthermore, if you require a definition of a word QuickReader pulls up other apps which, in the grand scheme of things is somewhat time-consuming. Availability: iOS devices. Outread view in store is one of the apps that appear to be very similar to ReadQuick in both its modus operandi and function. What does it help with? It now comes with compatibility for Microsoft Word files alongside the usual lists one associates with such apps, meaning that work documents from fellow colleagues can now be deciphered in a matter of minutes.

A feature within Outread that other applications do not have is a customizable highlighter; outside of the usual color and size changes, the highlighter can also be relocated to any point on the screen for added usability.

Best Speed Reading Apps 12222: The Verdict

A thoughtful touch and one that will appeal to a wide selection of users. Reviews of Outread remain highly positive and it also has a nifty little trick of bookmarking where you left off in a books chapter, which is a feature often left out by other apps. Of all the best speed reading apps on review, Readme! What is it good for? Spritz works by highlighting one word at a time in the color red, which reduces the amount of time that the reader spends looking for their reading position whilst also moving the text along at a rapid, yet legible pace.

Availability: iOS, Android.

Read 20% faster with this easy speed-reading tool [Deals]

Whilst other speed reading apps claim to be the most in-depth and comprehensive available when it comes to learning the techniques of quick reading, Accelerator formerly Velocity claims to be the fastest from the outset. How does it work? It allows you to save web pages and documents in Pocket, Instapaper and Readability list format via the in-built Safari web browser Apple browser , and it then converts your text so that you read it one word at a time. This enables users to view single words instead of a wall of text, which is, according to the developer Lickability, the best way forward when one aims to further their comprehension rate.

The app is fully compatible from iOS 10 upwards, allowing for you to dissect your text on a bigger screen. This being said, some users have raised issues with how it converts lists containing bullet points, and when bullet points make up the majority of lists, this is a considerable issue. Availability: Safari browser. Pocket, Instapaper. View store.

What about Homer? Well, two hours and you are done. By reading up to 2, words a minute. Benefits — This speed reading app aims to increase your rate by words a minute within weeks. However, there are no tools to specifically practice techniques and physical skills chunking, reducing subvocalization ,. Good to know — Based on user reviews, expect the achievements in speed to vary. Furthermore, the app does not teach you how to recall the information you have taken in at a speed of 2, wpm.

Generally, the app is being described as intuitive. Usability is another key aspect of Syllable; just like Outread, fonts, pace and general format are all interchangeable and this adds to the user experience greatly.

ReadMe! - an ebook reader app with speed reading technology

A night mode is also available for those of us who struggle to get to sleep and thus decide to do some light reading as we are still awake. Regardless of this issue, if you look for speed reading apps capable of doing a little bit of everything, Syllable may be the one for you.