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I suspect I built a couple of modules more than once; feel free to remove meta-gtk-osx-core from the second build command, for example. All should work.

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Get the Pidgin source, and get the patch from this ticket [ direct link ], and compile Pidgin with. Make sure that works from within jhbuild shell even if it works in your shell.

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You might want jhbuild buildone dbus and jhbuild buildone dbus-glib before doing configure etc. It even has the tray icon! Thanks, nevil, for making that patch! There is a way to integrate Pidgin with an OSX menubar. It would be cool if someone did this. Pidgin crashes when I try to drag-and-drop buddies into contacts.

Pidgin on MacOSX

It works, though! Not with Jumpcut , though. I can, however select the text and drag it into other applications or drag it into one and copy from there into the clipboard. Good luck, and tell me how this works for you! Posted in compknow. Tagged with adium , compknow , mac , macosx , os x , osx , pidgin , software. Subscribe to comments with RSS.

It is not a true multiprotocol client and does not support the way I use IM. There was also something about its logging format that was troublesome…. Oh, try the gtkstatuscion. I think that should work against Pidgin 2. Is there something special I need to get to run outside X? I installed MacPorts, but when I type in:.

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Try again, or ask the MacPorts people. You might also try installing ccache sudo port install ccache , but if your Macports is broken that might not work. The default variant is the X11 one. Also you might have to uninstall the gtk2 and its dependencies, pango and cairo if they were installed with the X11 variant. Thanks for sharing.

You are the man. Thanks for publishing. Actually, yes reiffert and I looked into it. The dock icon can be arranged already, and it is even possible to make it have a menubar , sort of… but it is buggy as of now, and to make a. Feel free to take it and work on it I think post 13 touches on that but I have no idea what it says….

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Reply: That was for turning it into a proper. This still opens the terminal window and leaves it lying around. If you find a fix, please do post. Sexy, yes, but severely lacking in features. I did the following to fix that:. Note that you may have to uninstall dependents, too. I use Adium, and find it sufficient for my daily IM-ing needs sorry S! See the Autoconf documentation. Error: The following dependencies failed to build: gtk2 shared-mime-info libxml2 p5-xml-parser tiff intltool gnome-common libao libtool nspr nss Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

Anonymous: Do you have the XCode tools installed? Else, file a bug. What do I do now? The msgfmt command is required to build libpurple. If it is installed on your system, ensure that it is in your path. If it is not, install GNU gettext to continue. If you have msgfmt installed, but for some reason this error message is still displayed, you have encountered what appears to be a bug in third-party configure macros.

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Try setting the MSGFMT environment variable to the absolute path to your msgfmt binary and trying configure again, like this:. Error: Status 1 encountered during processing. OK, I went into po. Anyone having a similar experience or have any suggestions? Is there a pattern to when it crashes? For example, does it crash when you try to copy something? Or when you try to drag and drop buddies? Thread 0 Crashed: 0 libgdk-quartz I like many bought mac for osx use only :.

I installed pidgin 2. If not, file a bug on Macports. I get this while trying to re install pidgin, how to fix it?