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Reliability and access to good after-service care was, and still is, a big selling point for Apple. If anything were to go wrong, you had Apple care to fall back on. As we all know, reliability is top of the priority list for any working Pro. In many respects, Apple has remained known for all these things. On the performance side, sure, most Apple rigs will run Photoshop, Lightroom and other editing applications pretty well. If you plan on doing some heavy editing though, you will need quite a few of those optional upgrades, which can quickly spiral your costs to giddy heights.

Years ago, the only alternatives to Apple were either unbelievably expensive custom built PCs, or sub-par rigs, packed full of sub-par components, made by companies like Dell. Ever since Apple began to steal a large proportion of the market, PC manufacturers began to take note.

Iphones were leaps and bounds ahead of the competition but other manufacturers got wise to what people wanted and have now caught up and surpassed Apple, in my opinion. I mean, seriously, look at that photo above. Not only do we have the established brands Dell, Lenovo, Asus etc.

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One of the biggest nails in the Apple coffin for me at least was the inability to customize once purchased, and the colossal expense to upgrade components at the point of purchase. To be fair, I did recently read that Apple were looking to address the customization issue in future pro systems.

With the ability to completely customize your system, choose every component, house them in stylish cases for laptops and towers , have after care which rivals AppleCare, and pay substantially less. Why are people still choosing Apple?

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It seems I have ended up slagging off Apple a little here, honestly, it was not my intention. I use both systems regularly and both have plusses and minuses.

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If budget is a factor, which it is for everyone, you can get a PC which will far outstrip the power of an equally priced Mac. You can get every piece of software you need. And, arguably, they look just as good, if not better in some cases. Steve Jobs hates Microsoft. Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher praise be! I decided to buy a macbook pro for my birthday, until I found this out.

Cue rage and settling for a Vaio. To be fair, a "PC" is a "Personal Computer," meaning, a computer used for personal use. Thus, Macs can be "PCs" too. Anyway, I'm open-minded when it comes to operating systems. I'll use Macs, Windows, or even Linux. RAR files. Tried Ubuntu. Gave up on installing. I'm lazy. I've also practically owned a Windows my entire life.

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No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Lol, im actually planning on going to the college they made that video in. Silver Chariot wrote: According to xkcd: Macs can't play games. Here we go again…. I've had both.

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I'd like to see a sequel to this even if it's unlikely it'll happen The actual issue: I'd probably go with PC here. Sparty the Spaceship wrote: The video: That was actually pretty cool. Actually, last I heard the guy was makeing a sequel. What's a computer? Natsuru Springfield wrote: Actually, last I heard the guy was makeing a sequel. Thanks for letting me know. Sparty the Spaceship wrote: …I have something else to keep an eye out for then. After reading the book, i almost wanted to give my imac away.. Jobs has marketing skills. Comment by pj - October 1, at pm. Great job on DWTS! He loves it!

Comment by L - September 30, at am. Mark—probably already mentioned in all of the comments, but Entourage and Outlook seem to blend pretty easily. I have a 2.

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I can boot up my computer, check my e-mail, and shut the whole thing down again before his computer even is finished booting. I could never get a PC to do the same thing.

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Not that you need the money, but those commericals are hysterical…. Comment by Kate - September 30, at pm. Comment by Evgen - September 29, at pm. There is a utility that quickly and reliably converts your Outlook PST files to mbox format, which is supported by most email programs.

You might want to have a go at it. Comment by Hans Bezemer - September 28, at am. In the past, I was happy with PCs thinking that they are for business and Macs are for creative stuff.

Comment by Sandra Possing - September 28, at pm. I want to throw in my two cents worth about your switch. By and far I am in love with me some Linux. The reason is this…. I have gotten talked down to by Mac Fans because they see me with a Macbook on my desk and a Dell Laptop up and running.

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If I have a problem, there is a lot more detailed information available on the web for Linux than there is for OS X or windows. Oh and by the way, Mac has chained their OS to their hardware…trading one slave master for another is still slavery. Comment by David - September 27, at pm.

Great job on Dancing with the Stars! Comment by Tony Simpson - September 27, at pm.