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Secret Modules Found On Clavia Nord Modular G2

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Can you ever have enough VST plugins? Want to control your modular synth with your turntable?

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There's an Arduino project for that. Turn your record player into a modular sequencer. Nord Modular G2 Demo. Hi everyone, I had originally posted this over at GearSlutz, but they said it would be better released over here.

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Anyway, I really like the G2 modular software it has been really fun to make patches in the demo. Being in the demo though was so limiting so I decided to try and make the software a little more usable. The features included so far are the removal of all "demo" interfacing, all modules are available, and some interface improvements.

I'm planning on maxing out the voice count but have not yet worked out the function responsible for it. Hopefully I'll nail those voices down! In the short time people have tested this from GS, I have been told some of the unlocked modules may not be working. No testing has been done on my part for the functionality of the unlocked modules, but it's possible there isn't any code behind a few of these anyway. I know the "4 Outs" module works though because that's the one I tested on.

My intention here is not to spark any tension with Clavia or to break any rules.

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If I'm out of line with the posting rules then any moderator can feel free to modify this as needed. I'm providing this for educational purposes and the hope that Clavia would actually release a fully functioning modular software the latter I doubt though.

Have fun! See the ReadMe for more infos. Nord Virtual Modular V0. Back to top. I'm on Mac but I do appreciate your work! I was just recommending it to a friend and tried to find it on the Clavia site.

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Thank you! Hi Joshy! I tried it now. MIDI modules are not working. Audio In module receive a signal when I add one but I don't send nothing to it. Which means it probably works under Wine as well.

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Nice one, don't think the DX7 modules are working and the vocoder doesn't work either..