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Still today, Windows want you to use your PC and a personal computer. Yes, there are few versions which target enterprises, but deep-down windows are meant for personal use. If you see Apple adverts or its website, you will see at least a split-second scene where a designer is designing something on his MacBook, iPad, iMac, etc.


Therefore, designers like macOS more and they go for MacBook. Although Adobe never says that they give preference to one OS more than others, but I personally feel that Adobe support macOS more than windows. You can see that almost all the Adobe tutorials, help guides, or videos are made on macOS. I am using Windows nowadays because TrickyPhotoshop is not all of my company, it is one of my company.

In my other companies, I need to do a lot more on my laptop Photoshop does not count here and windows work better. Javascript is disabledJavascript is disabled on your browser. Please enable it in order to use this form.

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Which is better to use Photoshop on, Mac vs PC? - Adobe Support Community

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Are Apple Macs Slower? It May Be Time to Switch to Windows

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I use an apple computer. I'm not a pro, I'm a hobbyist, so I might feel differently if I were an actual pro editing sessions all the time.

I've always had Mac computers, my high school used mac computers, so that's what I learned on. At this point, I don't want to switch and learn a new operating system, but I completely agree that the Mac computers seem to not be geared toward pros at least the current lineup. I'm satisfied with my MacBook Pro, but again, I'm not a full time professional photographer and if I was I would probably be disappointed. Used a Mac Pro in the studio for many years. My sister wouldn't even take it for free. Pro's and Con's in everything. This is true. Macs are massively more resellable.

But this is not because of any particular quality of the Mac. Stats show they are only averagely reliable so no safer buying one of those used than a used PC. The actual reason is that Macs are so expensive, and some people just have to have one, so used is the only way they can do it. That is because you found someone willing to pay a premium for an older Mac. Anything else in my mind is a waste of time and money. And Gary Fray's conclusion is true again:"Fools and their money are soon parted".

Apple is NOT more reliable or better than Windows machine when old. I changed to Mac when Windows 7 update stoped working on my PC.

I am quite good with Mac, I have no problems with speed, 16 GB ram and a i7 or whatever, works fine. The upside compared with Windows 10 is that Mac OS is more mature. Working with two screens work better on Mac, resizing of windows on Windows is bad. I do have a Surface book with pen I don't use for editing. But my Mac is fine. I first had the keyboard replaced, then the screen, so I would say the crap quality is the biggest issue.

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Luckily I have 5 years warranty where I live. Moves app to next window in either direction. Built into the OS Windows 10, and I think, back to 7.